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I went bouldering today, for the very first time, together with LB and his friend (who've been doing it for months now.) It was fun! And exhausting. LB warned me I'll be sore tomorrow. I've been running semi-regularly, but I've done almost nothing for my arms the past several years and it's very noticeable… Nothing that can't be fixed, and reaching the top is a great feeling.
I don't think it'll be feasible for me to do hockey this semester/year – once I get a job the likely times of the university courses won't work for me anymore, but the alternatives are more expensive and I don't want to commit to that before I've found a job – so for one year climbing could be a fun alternative, I'll see. On top of that I want to continue running more regularly.

I have a freezer now! I'll be able to store ice cream, and most importantly I can cook in advance and just heat things up when I don't have the energy for cooking. It'll be great.

Quotes of yesterday's D&D session:
"I didn't sell my soul, just my body – wait, that came out wrong."
"I have an idea! …can I have an idea?"
"Trust us, nothing too terrible will happen," after which the whole table laughed.
In summary, my character has now made a (short-term) deal with the succubus possessing her, we (temporarily) turned a vrock demon Lawful Good, there was another healing-via-killing-cannibalism-and-reincarnation, there's a vengeful spirit after us that's attracted to even thoughts of its name, and next time we'll finally enter the haunted library. Probably.
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I'm having a couple of frustratingly unproductive days, and I'm running out of excuses. I recently switched to a lower dose of antidepressants: I really hope that's not the main reason, or at least I'm pretty sure it's something I can adjust to, but obviously I'd like it to happen sooner rather than later. The NHL season is over, even the parade (so nice to watch), which in theory should free up time but in practice there's always stuff I can do to procrastinate. There's even other sports going on!, even though it's obviously inferior.

Examples: Dominic Thiem, young Austrian tennis star, recently won a tournament on grass. I knew that Austrian media was very excited about him, but I didn't realize that he's actually very good until I checked r/tennis, where several users already proclaimed him the heir of Federer/Nadal/Djokovic. Probably not going to happen, but it does mean he looks actually good and not just lucky. I used to play tennis for a few years and every once in a while I still enjoy watching it, but rarely now.

And then! For the first time ever Austria's men's team qualified for a European soccer championship. Everyone was extremely excited, and they lost the first game 0-2 to Hungary. Not the start they wanted. I watched maybe a quarter of the game, just out of curiosity, and I constantly noticed all the little differences to hockey. Thanks to hockey I am better at watching soccer now, it's easier to follow what's happening. Yes, there are a lot more players on a bigger field, but they're also slower. The trick for me was watching passing lanes instead of players. (Soo many unclean passes, seriously guys if you want to win you have to be better than this.) I was also amused thinking back to all the discussions about hockey goalie equipment and net size etc. because "we need more goals to make the game exciting." Soccer, according to my brief look, has even fewer goals and doesn't seem to care.

Other things happening: More cooking, I went running on Tuesday and plan to again this evening, and I read "League of Dragons", the final book of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. The book seemed a bit, hm, thematically disjointed?, but I enjoyed it and I mostly liked the ending.
spoilers )
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Austria won 4:1 against Sweden in football and qualified for the European Championships for the first time in very long. I'm normally not a football fan but I heard about the recent successes of the national team and I watched the last few minutes of the game. I think I'm starting to understand a bit better why people enjoy watching football, which surprised me but hey, why not. The long and enthusiastic post-game hugs on the field must be excellent for RPF fans.

Barely a month until the NHL season starts again! Before that there's the preseason, and before that training camp starts in less than two weeks. Today is media day, and Phil Kessel is in Pittsburgh. Apparently Sid already took him on a dinner date. (Insert yet another moment of "Phil Kessel is a Penguin!" This will take a while to get used to.)
I'm really looking forward to hockey.

I'm in a kind of weird between-fandoms moment. Now I still have more time to watch TV/movies etc. than I'll have once the NHL season starts again, so I want to take advantage of that, and I did. Usually when I meet new good canon I don't know if I'll get into the fandom or not, but this time I know I probably won't because I'll be distracted soon, and it's kind of a weird feeling, like there's a time limit. (Also none of the fandoms really grabbed me so far but that usually surprises me.) I could rewatch Killjoys and try to write that vampire fic or one of the other ideas I had, but it would take me some time and by then will I still be interested or will I want to write mostly hockey fic again? (Right now I'm a bit stalled because "more canon soon!" is distracting. No it doesn't make sense.) Or I could attempt to write that one Clone Wars fic with the droid, but I'm pretty sure I won't have the time and in any case it will never be as good as it is in my head. I could just continue reading Les Mis fic – I have no idea how I even started with that, I never read or watched any of the canon. Or I could watch something else, maybe iZombie or Dark Matter. I thought about FMA but I'm pretty sure I can't finish that in one month and still get work done.
Oh yeah, I should get actual work done. Ahem. Maybe I don't have time to watch anything new after all. The last few days were very unproductive and I didn't even do something specific to procrastinate, I'm skilled like that.

(Cooking regularly on my own turns out to require more effort than I thought. I'll have to work on that. At least laundry is not a problem.)


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