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Only two and a half weeks until the new Star Wars movie! I haven't even started my rewatch of the trilogies yet, I hope we'll manage to coordinate with my friends in time.
As the internet found out yesterday, J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote some new music for their version of a cantina scene for the new movie. (My first reaction was "new cantina music, what, how, that music is so iconic", but I feel a bit more optimistic knowing LMM wrote it.) Inevitably a #Force4Ham hashtag was created, and it's a lot of fun. Some good tweets are collected here, and there are many more.

There is a Kickstarter for a documentary film about the inaugural season of the NWHL. They're one week and a little under 5,000$ away from meeting their goal, and I really hope they make it. It would be very cool.

Congrats to everyone who won NaNoWriMo! That's a lot of words :)
(I keep meaning to try it one day, but November is usually a time with many fic exchanges and for those I can't just write words without regard for quality. I almost finished my [ profile] hockeyfestivus fic, that's at least something.)
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More Bab5, and I didn't even have to wait months, this is great!

Learning Curve )

Strange Relations )

Secrets of the Soul )

Day of the Dead )

In the Kingdom of the Blind )

A Tragedy of Telepaths )

People are already publishing their Yuletide letters and I enjoy reading them. I know which fandoms I'm going to request, I'm not sure yet about all that I'm going to offer. No Hockey RPF this year because I want to try something different, and I'm contemplating a few fandoms that would be a bit of a challenge but could be interesting.

Pens vs. Leafs tonight! I'm definitely not staying up to watch it. What little self-control I have should at least be sufficient for that. I need sleep. Tomorrow I'll go with friends to an all-you-can-eat jazz brunch, it would be a shame if I fell asleep in the middle.

My mom finally started listening to "Hamilton", and I got LB interested too. I started reading the biography by Chernow, so far it is very interesting. [personal profile] capsized compiled some great quotes from letters Hamilton and Laurens wrote to each other here.

And for the less entertaining parts of life, I need to figure out how to get back to working on my thesis. I haven't done much the past few weeks and it's past time.
("figure out how to" instead of just "get back to" because I'm back at that stage where it feels like it just... doesn't work. >.< "I just have to do it" is so easy to say and so hard to, well, do.)
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The Hamilton album disappeared from Youtube two days before the CD comes out. Bad timing. I also just found out that in Austria the CD is surprisingly more expensive than I thought and that the local music store most likely won't have it, bad news all around. So I now have a Spotify account, I'm slightly curious what else I can do with it. (The ads are annoying.)

I finished season 1 of Veronica Mars. I enjoyed it! The mix of season-long mystery and plot(s) of the week was well done, and Veronica Mars, P.I., was a lot of fun. with spoilers )

All in all I enjoyed it, but I don't want to watch more right now. I've mostly seen praise for season 1, similarly to reactions to "Heroes", so I suspect the quality goes down. I've also already developed very strong preferences for what I want to see/happen and I'd most likely only be disappointed to see things go differently. Spoilers from Wikipedia didn't change my mind either.
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I figured out how to turn on the heating in my apartment! It's getting colder outside so this is excellent. (Another chapter of "HY lacks practical life skills": her room was too warm, so instead of trying to figure out how to turn down the heating she opened the window directly above the radiator. *sigh*)
I need a new radio, my current one isn't working and that makes it even harder than it already is to get out of bed in the morning.

I just listened to Hamilton for the second time. Well, it's the second time I listened to the whole album, I've listened to the first act probably five times and to some songs probably over twenty times (Wait for It, Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story, Guns and Ships, …) I can't get it out of my head, though tbf most of the time I'm not trying all that hard.
Some of my favorite lines: "I am the one thing in life I can control" from "Wait for It", surprisingly motivating. And "Alexander wrote the other fifty-one", I get goose bumps every time.

The lyrics were very helpful, not only for some of the text but also for attribution (from the album alone I didn't realize King George sang "I Know Him", that's hilarious.) Now there are crowd-sourced annotated lyrics, I'm very much looking forward to going through them. I've even thought about reading Chernow's biography of Hamilton, despite its length, the musical made these characters so interesting. Maybe one day; I just finished "Rosemary and Rue" and I know what I need the next months' book budgets for.

I've also enjoyed going through the supplementary materials, like articles and Miranda's Twitter etc. I was delighted to discover that Hamilton being bisexual & in love with Laurens is as close as it gets to canon. I found the scene where Hamilton learns of Laurens' death, and when I realized that it goes between "Dear Theodosia" and "Non-Stop" that made it even more heartbreaking. "I have so much work to do", right after "we'll make it right for you"; the death of his closest friend who he hoped to have by his side to build the nation right before the constitutional convention, after the war had already ended. Ouch.

There is some American Revolution RPF on AO3, even some Hamilton/Laurens. I haven't read all of it, but two recent ones I really liked:

Disgrace to Danger by indigostohelit
Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens, Alexander Hamilton&(/)George Washington, 3.8k
Summary: "A livid sky on New Jersey, and I knew the end was near."
Or: Charles Lee has never had a real job in his liiiiiiiiiife.
Why I like it: Canon-compliant (takes place shortly before the battle of Monmouth, during "Stay Alive"), great look at a few hours in a quiet evening during the war. I really like the characters here.

every day is a gift that's why they call it the present by screamlet
A.Ham/Eliza, A.Ham/Angelica, A.Ham/Laurens, A.Ham&Washington, 4.9k
Summary by me: An "Everybody Lives" modern (kinda) politics AU.
Why I like it: This is absolutely hilarious. They are all such sarcastic shits, it's great. Perfect adaption.
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I finished "Hamilton." It's fantastic! I've probably listened to "Wait For It" another twenty times by now, and others also multiple times, like the Cabinet 1+2, My Shot... I hope there'll be a DVD eventually, New York is a bit far. A CD is coming soon.

The other thing I did to procrastinate today was watch Sid and Nate at Tim Horton's, multiple times. They are adorable together, McGinnis and "rookie of the year 2013" Sidney Crosby. Desert Island lady is great.

Shousetsu Bang*Bang is ten! If you don't know it, it's a slash zine with original works (and occasional f/f, artist etc. issues) with 73 issues so far. (more info) I don't read it regularly, but they have some excellent stories and I usually enjoy them a lot. I recently found out that there are usually reviews of each new issue, that will make it easier to find the stories that interest me most.

I'm already planning stories I want to write for the [community profile] trickortreatexchange, and worrying about Yuletide nominations. I want to finish at least two books before I decide on nominations, I should probably continue reading.

I got a new haircut, basically the same I get every six months and then I let my hair grow out. Right now it's a nice length to wear it open instead of in a pony tail or with a clasp, but I forgot that one of the reasons why I rarely wore it open is because I keep scratching my head when I'm distracted and then it itches more and more. I hope I can get out of that habit.

Today has been another day of procrastination -.- At least I cooked? Not very happy with my productivity right now. I think I need to sleep more again, I tried seven and a half hours for a while and it doesn't seem to be enough.
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It was technically the second pre-season game, but the game the Pens played yesterday featured most of their stars and kind of felt like the first. It was a lot of fun! I only watched a part of the first period and got to see goals by Tanger and Olli. 7-3 overall, and Phil scored two goals. (Apparently more reporters wanted to talk to Phil than to Sid, this is probably not working out as Phil hoped *g* man it's great to see him smiling so much.) I can barely wait for the start of the regular season.
Me: Tanger with four points, Olli with a goal… Good game :)
DD: though I'm paranoid about guys with a history of injuries/illnesses starting the season with a 4 points game. (but it's the preseason so hopefully it doesn't count.)
DD: do you really think I enjoy suffering alone? Hell yes I'm gonna share thoughts like that.
Ah, fandom friendships <3

Someone on Tumblr posted a Wait For It, a song from the new musical "Hamilton." As I sometimes do with songs I really like and/or can't get out of my head, I listened to it on a loop for hours. "Life doesn't discriminate/between the sinners and the saints/it takes and it takes and it takes…"
[personal profile] naye recced the musical and linked to an audio version. I just listened to Act I and I really liked it. I was a bit worried audio only would be confusing - I'm generally not good at telling voices apart, or at least not at remembering which voice belongs to whom – but it was surprisingly clear, I could understand the words well and follow the action (I'm pretty sure.) The lyrics are very good, especially the rhymes, and overall the music is excellent. I'm looking forward to Act 2 (though I've heard it's a bit sadder so it might have to wait a few days.)

I read "The Lost Steersman", the third Steerswoman book, and I liked it a lot. Spoilers )

Blackhawks )


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