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One of my favorite things to do when discovering new fandoms is imagining crossovers. (Especially with spaceships!) Some already exist, that's convenient. Have some Generation Kill crossovers I found and liked, plus two I wish someone would write.

GK+ SGA, Firefly, Star Wars, One Piece, Gundam Wing )
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I haven't been as enthusiastic about One Piece recently. I'm not sure if it's because the last two arcs are not that good or if they're just not as good as Marinford. In the latter case, it will be very hard to make anything as amazing as Marinford again. But I really enjoyed the most recent chapter!
Spoilers for chapter 698 )

And before I forget: Have some very late Yuletide recs.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, by fennellaevangela
The Bloggess tries her hand at running a kitten livestream.
"The Bloggess" fanfic, whee! I hadn't dared hope someone would ask for it. A series of blog posts that could have happened just like that.
Btw, I got the Bloggess' book "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" for Christmas and I started laughing when I read the chapter titles. It's also a very warm book about living your life differently, and I enjoyed it very much.

On Being Female, by Nomad
Discworld: It began, as did so many bewilderments small and large, with a declaration by Captain Carrot.
This fic, in which Carrot is a member of the Dwarf Women's Guild, has great Vimes and Carrot voices. I love how it approaches the female dwarves and societal change, and it's also very funny.

Perigee, by radondoran
Isaac Asimo's Robots: The Universe's most boring assignment becomes a lot more interesting.
This is a very good Powell&Donovan adventures-with-robots story, with an interesting robot, a solid adventure, and Susan Calvin. (Susan %"§$&$"%/& Calvin, I love her so much. That reminds me, has anyone written Susan Calvin meeting Granny Weatherwax?) The romance wasn't necessary imo, but it was barely there and didn't distract at all.

The Emissary, by Beth Winter
Spirited Away: The construction of a new power line across a mountain range has stalled due to unexplained accidents. The woman inspector from Tokyo says that her job is to make sure the work is done in harmony with nature. Ogino Chihiro has a mystery to uncover and a mission to undertake.
This is probably my favorite Spirited Away futurefic I have found. It shows how modern humans and the spirit world can live together in peace, and how Chihiro might find her way between both worlds to help them. I also like the outsider POV.
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I started writing fanfic in 2009. Much earlier if you count the two self-insert One Piece stories and the Beyblade Mary Sue which I like to pretend don´t exist. But I started posting in 2010, which means getting comments, wheee! I love getting comments. &hearts
Most of what I wrote are short snippets, with one exception.

Cut for self-indulgence )
I also signed up to rec )
Plans for next year )
Reading )

I really should polish the snippets and put them up on my journal. Too lazy now, maybe later.
Wow, this got longer than I thought.
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It´s Easter Sunday, it´s sunny outside and we had a wonderful Easter Sunday breakfast. Little Brother, a friend of us and me were the musicians at mass and everything went very well.

Now, for people who share my strange sense of humor, have an Easter egg I painted. LB demanded I repaint it because it doesn´t fit the Easter spirit. I said it does. Okay, he said, it does, but our mother doesn´t understand it and do you really want to explain it to her? I decided I rather didn´t.

(Later I remembered that I should have given it as a present to our friend, who is a fan, too. Wasted opportunity, but there´s still next year.)
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For completeness´ sake, a few One Piece drabbles from [ profile] naye´s Chaos Thread:

Witness )

Fashion Sense )

Narcolepsy )

Hope )

Une )

Hidden Treasure )

Party )

I also wrote Five times Teyla teamed up with another woman to save the day in Five Things.
And also Ancient Snowflakes//Snowdrop for [ profile] sga_lfws. Which I´m participating in. Did I mention that?
Wow, I´m writing :)

I finally started actually writing my genficathon story instead of only plotting. I now have a bit more than 500 words. But that´s better than none, right?
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Title: In Another Life
Characters: Ace, Luffy
Rating: PG

[ profile] eiliem wrote In Another Life in [ profile] naye´s Chaos Thread Party, which you should go read right now.
I got carried away thinking about it, and then [ profile] serrende came up with an idea that wouldn´t leave me alone. (I love your people´s creativity &hearts )
So I expanded on it and here is the result. There might be more eventually... maybe? It includes the first three paragraphs of [ profile] eiliem´s snippet (sorry!) and a few lines from chapter 574 (translation from here).

In Another Life )
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Yesterday I had a very long, tiring day. And normally I´d be in a really bad mood at noon at the latest, but yesterday I had the brilliant idea to go online for five minutes before leaving the house it has nothing to do with the fact that I´m an internet addict and the rest of the day I went around thinking "Crocodile saves Ace and starts arguing with Doflamingo" and grinning like mad.
I had another ten minutes of internet at noon and the rest of the day was all "whee random decapitation!" (how much do I love this phrase, soooo much) and. And. The proper response to the awesomeness that was the last chapter can be read here and here. If I started I´d be incoherent.
Pirates save my brain.
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I had my second university exam and I´m sure I passed. Even though I only learned for two days because I was so lazy (something which I will never do again, ever. No, really.) (Now there´s Accounting and Russian and new classes to worry about, but) Done!

Also, I took up knitting. I started about one week ago and I´m already on the third ball of wool for grandmother´s scarf for Christmas. It´s oddly relaxing (study one chapter, knit for a few minutes, study the next chapter...) and the scarf will look great!

Also, I wrote something! [ profile] naye had a brilliant idea started a One Piece Drabbles Chaos Thread of Doom (index) about two weeks ago and I couldn´t not participate. I even wrote some "drabbles" (more than one hundred words, though) that I think are not too bad. (I´m sooo proud of myself :D) Posting here just that I don´t forget them.

A OP villain must save a kitten from a tree
Choosing a villain wasn´t easy... )

The Auction House, Shabondy
They told him that their dogs were vicious creatures. )

(I don´t know how I got this idea, but I just went with it.) )

There can never be enough Une. Although she deserves happier things than in this one here. )


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