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I recently watched the second half of season 3 of The 100 with DD. Several times I had to look away because I didn't want to watch the torture scenes. Most if not all of them really didn't need to be as graphic as they were: no really I understand things are bad even without close-up shots of people being tortured. The show is dark enough without that. All the torture and unnecessarily graphic violence made it hard for me to enjoy the show.
I'm now down to two people I care about (plus three when I'm feeling generous), the others I'm merely curious about, at most. I'm annoyed because the show has a lot of potential, but because of storylines and character arcs that weren't well done and characters being stupid it's not nearly as good as it could be.

Spoilers )

In other news, one wound from my wisdom teeth removal got infected. They already cut it open twice to let the pus out and I have another appointment tomorrow. Now I finally get why so many people hate going to the dentist -.-

I really need to fix my laptop (it's still running but not in good shape), but I don't like having to deal with that so I keep putting it off and just closing all the warning notices. Probably not smart.

Pens won the first game of the SCF, second game is tonight! I'll sleep before and after and get up to watch it, in my XL yellow Pens Gold Rush shirt, because YOLO. (Without DD tonight because she has uni tomorrow.) I'm not optimistic enough to expect the Pens to win game 2 too, but I can still hope.
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Last weekend DD and I were both sick, so this Sunday we watched two episodes of The 100. In hindsight we were lucky, because 3x07 would have been frustrating to stop at. I was spoiled for the big thing that happens and I thought I was prepared, but I was wrong. I'd be fine with that it happened, but I hate how it happened.

3x07 Thirteen )

3x08 Terms and Conditions )

DD and I started talking about a D/s AU and realized that it's basically canon. tiniest step to the left only )
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Books books books books books! I have time to read now! Vienna's public libraries have expanded their ebook selection \o/
I think I want a Goodreads account. Oh no, picking usernames -.-

The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch )

Red Seas Under Red Skies )

The Republic of Thieves )

I enjoyed the series. I'm not feeling particularly fannish about it, but I'm looking forward to book 4.

DD and I agreed that we'd probably prefer to watch a series one episode a day: enough time to think about and discuss each episode, but a short wait until the next one. Unfortunately the TV schedule doesn't agree, and so it looks like we'll be meeting on Saturdays to watch The 100 for the foreseeable future.

3x06 The Bitter Harvest )
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Back from ski holiday at my grandparents! The weather wasn't fantastic so I only got to ski three times, but it was great. Few things better than a day on a mountain with great snow, slopes with not too many people, good weather and good company.
I got to see relatives again I hadn't seen in months, that was nice. I had some time to read, though not as much as I thought. As a direct consequence I didn't get enough sleep and am still a bit tired, but that's okay.

DD and I finally caught up with The 100 today! Overall very cool developments, interrupted by people being incredibly stupid, so stupid, omg WHY. spoilers )
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We finished season 2 of The 100! I don't even know where to begin, in a good way.

Spoilers )

Tl;dr I liked it a lot.
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DD and I finished season one of The 100, and it was great. We had enough self-control not to start season 2 immediately, so we decided to watch it this weekend. I'm looking forward to it!

Things I like about season 1: the characters, characters being put in complicated situations, and how that makes them interact with each other.

Spoilers )
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The Lego Movie: I saw this one on the bus to Prague, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Entertaining and not too stupid.

Student of the Year: [personal profile] tanndell promised a completely over-the-top ~dramatic movie and it did not disappoint. Extreme idfic in movie form. It was entertaining; I'm not sure how much I would have enjoyed it on my own, but with company it was great.

Princess Mononoke: I love "Spirited Away" and I'd been planning to watch Princess Mononoke for years. Unfortunately I didn't like it as much. Spoilers )

The 100, episodes 1-7: I made the tactical mistake to watch them together with DD. On the one hand it's fun to watch it together, on the other hand now it means I have to wait until we both have time to continue… On a related note, it's been almost three months since we last watched Bab5 -.-
I was warned that the first few episodes are less good, so I had low expectations, but I liked them. Episode 7 was the first one that really annoyed me.Spoilers" )

Simon Kirby-Jones mysteries by Dean James: DD recommended these to me as the only vampire books that she likes. They're good 10pm-books: entertaining and very easy to read, I enjoyed them. Spoilers )

Handcuffed to the Bear by Lauren Esker: Supernatural romance, not usually something I look for. Okay, not quite true, I read a lot of it, but usually all fanfic. Because I already know how to find what I want, and it's free and convenient. But this one is by [personal profile] sholio, one of my favorite fic writers who I know writes excellent h/c and lost-in-the-wilderness stories, and she had a promotion, so I decided to check it out despite the to me not at all appealing blurb. (And despite the fact that I don't have a Kindle. I now have a PC app because amazon didn't let me just download the file. Stupid.)
I'm glad I did! The book has the same good stuff I loved in her fic, with a bonus romance that (apart from one moment early on where I couldn't help but think that now was really not the moment to think about her gorgeous eyes) felt quite natural. I liked the worldbuilding, though it does require suspension of disbelief similarly to many urban fantasy books - seriously, shifters have been around for centuries, there's an official government agency even, and the general public doesn't know about them?
She also did a great job introducing the main character for the sequel, and I'm looking forward to that as well.


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