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Things that led to me not getting enough sleep the past few days and napping/dozing for hours this afternoon:

- the NHL All-Star-Game fantasy draft last night. I didn't plan on staying up, but it was hilarious. Drunk!Ovi! "Phil is one of the most coachable players out there", and the Kessel-Seguin trade, A+ trolling.

- A few days ago, two hours before it closed, I bought some Image comics via HumbleBundle. And because it's not like I don't have enough things I should urgently do or a list of other things I already use for procrastination purposes, the day before yesterday I started reading Saga.

It's absolutely fantastic. )

To sum up, Saga is fantastic, and I want more.
(Problem: what to do first, find the next Saga chapters or read the other Image comics I got? Probably the latter, because it's easier and I'm lazy. But then!)


Jan. 4th, 2015 01:14 pm
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I still have a few open questions from the December meme. One from [personal profile] snickfic: I would like something about a favorite comic of yours, please.

Picking one is hard, so you get a brief history of me reading comics instead.

I wouldn't call myself a comics fan in anything but the widest sense. Growing up the first comics I loved Asterix comics, and then in highschool, thanks initially to a friend's recommendations and loans, I read manga: almost all of Dragonball, about half of Shaman King, and I started One Piece, which I still read. Wow, it's been that long.

Other than OP I barely read any comics for a long time, at least not regularly. They didn't have them at the local library, so I read books instead. There were a few exceptions, of course, like Watchmen and Hägar.

I don't remember when I started reading webcomics, it was a couple of years ago. Stand-alone comics like xkcd and SMBC, and serial comics like Gunnerkrigg Court and Homestuck and Girl Genius and Nimona. For a while I read several manhwa, like Noblesse and Tower of God. Currently the only serial webcomics I'm reading are The Young Protectors and Check, Please. I keep meaning to read Kismet, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Last year was the first time I read Marvel comics. Originally I was inspired by the movies and subsequently by other fans to take a look, but I started with Young Avengers. I enjoyed it a lot, but haven't read much else. (Civil War, Hawkeye, and DC's Superman: Red Son, mostly.) I would have if I had unlimited time and money for reading, but alas… I have a list of non-web-comics that I want to read that includes for example Captain Marvel, Agent of Asgard, Birds of Prey, Rat Queens, and Fullmetal Alchemist (still undecided if I want to read or watch.) I also follow [community profile] scans_daily for things that look interesting.
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Most of what I heard about Marvel's Civil War is "good basic idea, terrible execution", but I wanted to see for myself. Turns out the assessment was accurate.

Reactions with spoilers )
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Yesterday I went with friends to watch "How to train your dragon 2" :)
Spoilers )

I also finished "Superman: Red Son."
Spoilers )
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Someone on Tumblr was asking for recs for LGBTQ-friendly comics and one mentioned was The Young Protectors (very imaginative name...) I read it this evening and enjoyed it a lot.

I like the characters and their relationships with each other, what little we so far saw of the world, the plot so far, and the art is nice, too. At first I was very skeptical about some aspects, but there's a big plot twist (that I saw coming but not the shape it took) that was the moment the comic went from something I read one evening because I was bored to something that I'm very interested in and want to see a lot more of.
The comic updates 1-2 times weekly. It took me about two hours to read the archive, so it's a nice length but not too long yet, and there's a lot more to come :)
(No fic on AO3 yet, bäh.)

Spoilers )
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I currently have a folder with over twenty Young Avengers plot bunnies, and almost half of them are for stories I might actually write. I started reading YA almost exactly one month ago. That was quick :)
(I have one almost finished story about Sarah Altman - anyone willing to beta?)

By coincidence I found [ profile] marvel_bang just before sign-ups close tomorrow and decided to give it a try. It's 10k and I already have 2k of outline... A dystopia AU with aliens and a resistance movement and prisons, I think it could be fun.

Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day in Vienna! I got AV to come with me, we went to 4 different shops and got about 15 comics each. I'm not finished reading them, but I enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy intro (looking forward to the movie) and a few of the others are also interesting. A few people were in cosplay, one store had a game table set up to play Munchkin and other stuff (they also had free chocolate), one store had so many figurines and stuff everywhere that I was afraid to turn around, and one store had a whole room almost entirely full of superhero comics that we enjoyed browsing. If I had more money I'd have bought so many comic books. It was also nice to see that at least half of the people coming were women.

In more depressing news, I failed my driving test. The reason was basically that I didn't use first gear often enough the examiner was a dick. At least my driving instructor was so mad about it that the driving school decided not to bill me for the attempt. It's frustrating, but I'm not feeling too bad about it anymore because it wasn't my fault and also my dad bought me very good chocolate as consolation.


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