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For the December meme, a question by [personal profile] sholio: If Marvel does another Young Avengers series, what would you like to see in it?

"The adventures of Eli and Tommy, with guest appearances by the other Young Avengers."

Eli and Tommy were not only two of my favorite Young Avengers after v1 and Children's Crusade (together with Teddy and Billy, Kate, a lot of regret about Cassie – okay all of them. Except maybe Jonas. Sorry Jonas), but also two of the most interesting. I was very disappointed that in v2 Eli appeared not at all (which doesn't make any sense in-universe) and Tommy barely.

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Most of what I heard about Marvel's Civil War is "good basic idea, terrible execution", but I wanted to see for myself. Turns out the assessment was accurate.

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I'm in that mood where I find one song (usually through a fanvid), listen to it over and over for days until I know parts of it by heart, and I can't get it out of my head until either I find a new one or it mysteriously disappears. At least this time it's not a sad one.

Many of my stories start with one image or one idea that I want to get in there. It can be something I dreamed, or a scene I'd really like to see, a character dynamic, anything. So I start to plan a story to tell to go with it, only usually when I think about how to get to this point or what happens after or how it works I have to change things around for it to make sense, and in the end what I originally wanted to write about isn't even in the story anymore. That makes it a lot harder to motivate myself to finish.

It happened like that with my marvel_bang story, but fortunately I got very good beta comments. I cut 2/3 of the plot and went back to "okay but what's these characters' stories?" and now I actually think I have a better story than the first one? I'm a bit confused, usually the process doesn't work like this, but I like it.

(I also realized that among the YA characters Kate has the most straightforward story by far. Superheroes without tragic backgrounds or major angst in their lives are a nice change! Otoh it makes it harder for me to find stories to tell about her.)

Now I have to plot a prison break. With superpowers, so I need to figure out how the wardens/defense mechanisms are powerful enough to pose a threat but not too powerful to be overwhelmed. (Fortunately I've removed two of the team's heavy hitters, but still.) Hmm.

ETA: They're in the middle of a prison break and of course Teddy and Billy are flirting. Dorks.
(This plotting thing is easier when I remember that I don't necessarily have to care about details that canon doesn't.)
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Sarah Altman is one of my favorite Young Avengers characters, even though we see so little of her. So I wrote fic.

I wrote most of this a while ago, didn't find a beta, so I finally decided to post it anyway before I forget. I feel like there might still be parts missing, but it's never going to be perfect.

Assuming Shape (4044 words) by schneefink
Fandom: Young Avengers
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Sarah Altman, Teddy Altman
Additional Tags: Shapeshifting
Summary: Sarah Altman lives on Earth for sixteen years.
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I currently have a folder with over twenty Young Avengers plot bunnies, and almost half of them are for stories I might actually write. I started reading YA almost exactly one month ago. That was quick :)
(I have one almost finished story about Sarah Altman - anyone willing to beta?)

By coincidence I found [ profile] marvel_bang just before sign-ups close tomorrow and decided to give it a try. It's 10k and I already have 2k of outline... A dystopia AU with aliens and a resistance movement and prisons, I think it could be fun.

Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day in Vienna! I got AV to come with me, we went to 4 different shops and got about 15 comics each. I'm not finished reading them, but I enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy intro (looking forward to the movie) and a few of the others are also interesting. A few people were in cosplay, one store had a game table set up to play Munchkin and other stuff (they also had free chocolate), one store had so many figurines and stuff everywhere that I was afraid to turn around, and one store had a whole room almost entirely full of superhero comics that we enjoyed browsing. If I had more money I'd have bought so many comic books. It was also nice to see that at least half of the people coming were women.

In more depressing news, I failed my driving test. The reason was basically that I didn't use first gear often enough the examiner was a dick. At least my driving instructor was so mad about it that the driving school decided not to bill me for the attempt. It's frustrating, but I'm not feeling too bad about it anymore because it wasn't my fault and also my dad bought me very good chocolate as consolation.
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Good news: I passed the last exam that I need for my Bachelor's degree! \o/ Got a 2 in Marketing, which I didn't expect but I'll take it :)
Now all that's left is my thesis.

And I would be getting started on that, if I hadn't gotten sick :( Ugh, I hate it. LB is sick too, so we're miserable together. Hopefully it's just a few days.

Because I was sick I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday, and because it's the playoffs the first thing I did was check my phone. I got to follow the last 5 minutes of the Pens-Jackets game on Twitter. It was tense! Seriously, leading 4-0 and then giving up 3 goals in the last 10 minutes, wtf... Whatever, they won :) And Geno got a hat trick.
Now the Rangers are next, first game on Friday. I probably won't be healthy enough to watch, but we'll see; I'd like to watch at least one game each series, and maybe it's only 4 ;)
4 down, 12 to go.

Now that the exam is done my brain is having fun coming up with dozens of Young Avengers story ideas. So many story ideas, but none of them with plot! Just snippets and scenes and theories. And AU ideas, like the one where Teddy's mom told him a few years earlier and the one where Billy and Tommy have switched powers. Hopefully I'll actually manage to write something. Teddy is my favorite, I want all the Teddy stories, but all of them are great.

Other stuff: looks like I finally have all the necessary medical documents for my driving exam (total extra cost: 175€, could have been worse, but that doesn't include the time and energy invested), so that should happen soon. :)
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Who can stop in the middle of a good story? Not me.

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AKA "The Young Avengers are in waaaay over their head, and the adults are stupid."

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I just read Young Avengers "Ultimate Collection" (#1-#12 + Special #1, man comics numbering is confusing.) I enjoyed it a lot. :)

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