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Season 3 didn't start very strong, imo, but I watched the first eight now and they get better and better :)

Suns and Lovers )

Could'a, Should'a, Would'a )

Wait for the Wheel )

Different Destinations )

Eat Me )

Thanks for Sharing )

Green Eyed Monster )
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On Thursday we had a power outage from noon to nine in the evening. It was mostly boring after it went dark. We had some candles in the house and two flashlights, so I went running and then knitted a bit, and in the end I had a surprisingly pleasant evening. And the heating works again!
Unfortunately my brain apparently chose to ignore the day and things got hectic on Friday and Saturday. Extra late fees for the library because I forgot are annoying.

Then yesterday I had the first birthday party with friends in years. The years before I always felt like I didn't know enough people to invite, or didn't know what to do. This year I just invited the debate club and some other friends to my house to play Werewolf. We played for five hours with fifteen people, it was a lot of fun! I even won as last surviving werewolf once.
Today I'm predictably sleepy and my brain is slow, but I made it through 3 hours of OTW meetings.

I found a pretty graphic on Tumblr: Spaceship appreciation. What are the second and third spaceships? I recognize all the others. (Although for some reason Serenity and the Falcon don't appear anymore, they were there a few hours ago...)
I wish I was awake enough to write about why "you can't take the sky from me" is such an ironic sentence in combination with spaceships. Regardless of how you interpret sky a spaceship is one of the most unsafe modes of transportation, and it just needs one missing replacement part to strand you on a planet or kill you somewhere in space where nobody will ever find you.

I've been following [personal profile] layla's participation in the Worldbuilding Blogfest, and by "following" I mean "asking many questions." It's been a lot of fun, and I really like what she came up with. Islands full of people with wings! Worldbuilding is even more fun when I don't have to worry about annoying details destroying my own plot. That's not quite true, I miss it. Maybe I should try it again, just for fun.
One of the first things I did was cast an SGA AU, btw. Somehow I worry what this fandom has done to my brain.

Because I don't have the energy for anything productive today anyway I watched some Farscape episodes.
My Three Crichtons, Beware of the Dog, Won't Get Fooled Again )
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Today I wasted two hours driving through town because friends forgot to tell me that they'd postponed the party again. To cheer myself up I decided to ignore my to-do-list and the time and watch some more Farscape. (Even though Farscape is not exactly the most cheerful show.)

2.6 Picture If You Will )
2.7 Home on the Remains )

2.8 Dream a Little Dream )
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I love writing episode reviews. Not only do they help me get my thoughts in order, I can also reread them later and remember all the things I loved about a particular episode. And it's useful for finding particular scenes again later.

Spoilers here )


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