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Today was Harry Potter Day! And it was awesome.

I met with friends from the debate club (who I'd seen just a few hours ago at a birthday party - one trainer's question at the debate seminar, "why do we debate?", R: "Because we don't have any friends" is clearly not true, at least not anymore xD) to watch the sixth and seventh movie at a friend's, with a huge comfortable couch and a big screen and lots and lots of food, and then we went to the cinema to watch the last one. So much fun.

And I was dressed up as Sybil Trelawney! A. and I talked about it at the birthday party, but I don't think I would have gone through with it if I hadn't seen Cosplay Fever: Raiser Your Glass this morning. Then I had to, of course.
I'd never done something like that before and I was mostly improvising. I had lots of bracelets, a colorful necklace and hairband, a purple shawl, half a crystal ball in a velvet box and, most importantly, big black glasses. The colors were wrong (too much blue) and Sybil would never wear jeans, but I thought I looked great, and it was so much fun! LB was embarrassed to be related to me, hehe.
A. dressed up as Luna, and she was brilliant: she has the perfect hair for it, colorful necklaces, a grape necklace, and earrings made from actual radishes! There are photographs, but I don't know who made them.
(We also painted a lightning scar on D.'s forehead. It took us three tries because he kept complaining our lightning bolt looked like a SS rune.)
It was the perfect atmosphere.

Spoilers for the sixth and seventh movie )

Spoilers for HP 7.2 )

Now of course I could reread the books and refresh my memory, but I don't think I want to just yet. I'm going to enjoy having the movies in my head for a while, and maybe I'll reread the books later. (Also it turned out I still know almost all of the details, years later. In debate club, I am known as the person who knows more than you want to know about fantasy books and all the Ancient pantheons and mythology - a big exaggeration, but wow, what a cool thought - but has no clue about African and Arab politics. This means that I do not know the last fifty years of history in Angola and Kuweit.)

If I were in the mood to read fic for it - strangely, I'm not, and I think it's partly because I don't trust HP fandom to write the stories I want to read - it would be epic Harry&Hermione, platonic soulmates, going on Adventures.

This was the last movie! The grand final. I'm still on that "I saw a great movie"-high. Will be going to bed right now and hopefully have great dreams about it.

ETA: Waking up an hour later vomiting on the carpet was much less fun. That's life.


Feb. 5th, 2011 10:45 am
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Mood swings are good when I go from sad and weird to accomplished and proud of myself. I finished that stupid paper (at least my part of it), and yesterday for the first time ever I did everything on my to-do-list! I even went to a museum. I´d forgotten how great Ernst Jandl is, and if I didn´t have to pack I´d post a few of his poems. Later.

I´m missing about a day of sleep, but that´s nothing unusual.

And I bought books! I wanted to buy "The Broken Kingdoms" for the train journey, but the bookshop didn´t have it, so I had to compromise. I´m a bit picky when it comes to books I actually buy instead of books to read; I ended up buying "Heaven´s Net is Wide", because I already have the four other Otori books even though prequels are less exciting, and "The Dark Volume" because the first one was good (even if the ending was a let-down) and I wanted something with a female protagonist. (I thought about buying Dresden Files - id-pinging books, yay! - but I think they´re better read as a whole series and it´s rather long by now.) And then I decided I´d earned it and pre-ordered The Broken Kingdom anyway. Books!

(I also have fifty One Piece volumes in my room that a friend loaned to me. It´s a miracle I finished that paper at all, really.)

Off to my grandparents´ and hopefully skiing!
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August was awesome. Two weeks holidays in Poland - Krakow, Warsaw and Gdánsk are beautiful, we went sailing (!!) and canoeing (!!!), pirogi taste great and I tried ten different kinds, and it was just all around fun. So many beautiful images! And a surprising amount of storks.
Bonus: I´d bought myself "Good Omens" as a reward for working in July and I must have read it at least three times in two weeks. "On the top of the pile a rather large octopus waved a languid tentacle at them. The sergeant resisted the temptation to wave back." Awww. I love that book so much.

Then one week singing camp, which was wonderful. Choir, and classic ensemble, and dance ensemble, and so many wonderful people being happy and excited together, and the music! So many beautiful songs. We did lots of film music with the full choir: "Circle of Life" from Lion King, the Mission Impossible and the James Bond theme, for example, but also beautiful church music, especially the Mendelssohn. That one and the Schubert psalm 23 in the classic ensemble were my favourites. The concert went well, too. I hope the CD comes earlier than last year! I even got a t-shirt and a button. :-)

I´ll do the Accounting and Management Control II exam again in October. While I´m not studying as much as I planned to, I´m not doing too badly, and I´m quite sure I´ll pass. The key is doing many, many practice questions. And then I can do the more interesting courses! (Well, I still have to do Human Resource Management and Logistics, but I´m ignoring it.) I´ve also finally decided to study Socioeconomics instead of Economics. It covers (more or less) exactly what I wanted to learn when I started studying at the University of Economics and Business in the first place: how our economy and our society work and intersect with each other. Maybe I´ll do the Masters, maybe I´ll study Law later on, but for now I´m very happy with that choice.

I met with friends, I even went out for the first time in months (the clubs were okay, but the grill party was awesome). LB is back from the Math olympiad. I went to a film music concert (dress rehearsal; PotC music!) and tomorrow evening I´ll go to a violin concert. Tomorrow morning I´ll go with a friend to apply for a sports + sauna course, the week after that I´ll audition for a choir and the week after that is Museums´ Night. I´m doing well. :)

PS: I think I´ve figured out crossposting and it looks much easier than I´d thought, yay!
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I´m quite sure it´s not good that during study week my daily internet average was six hours. I won´t go into me feeling guilty all the time etc., this is about the awesome and totally undeserved things: I passed my maths exam! With the bare minimum, but I passed (and I only studied two days. I love my brain.)
And I passed the economics exam! I think I´ll even get a good grade on this one; the topic is much more interesting than maths. Not that maths isn´t interesting. LB would come after me with the kitchen knife.

I also bravely fought a ninja spider. It sat on the wall in my room, shiny black and larger than a thumb´s width, and when I tried to catch it with a tissue it swung through the air like an aerial acrobat and hid under my laptop. I lifted the laptop and it did a very dramatic somersault to the floor and attempted to hide under the table, but I caught it and threw it out of the window (still alive!) in an elegant curve. The whole thing was very action-movie-like.

So the day after tomorrow I have another exam, the biggest, and I only studied a little so far - none of which today, I do not know what happened, oh wait, I got lost on the internet again - and I don´t think I´ll pass, but I´ll try and I won´t be overly depressed if I do fail. (Because I know that it´s not because I´m stupid but because I fail at organisation and also I´m an internet addict. I have so many plans to do better next semester! Some of them might even succeed.) Then I start my probably stressful but hopefully awesome or at least interesting summer job, then two weeks holiday in Poland and one week singing camp (all of that should be good for detox, too.)

More randomness, I fought off an angina and a cold at the same time and can finally speak again, I hate antibiotics, I love that it´s warm enough to wear skirts again, and I´m really curious about the demonstration against our stupid asylum laws that I´m going to tomorrow.
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It´s Easter Sunday, it´s sunny outside and we had a wonderful Easter Sunday breakfast. Little Brother, a friend of us and me were the musicians at mass and everything went very well.

Now, for people who share my strange sense of humor, have an Easter egg I painted. LB demanded I repaint it because it doesn´t fit the Easter spirit. I said it does. Okay, he said, it does, but our mother doesn´t understand it and do you really want to explain it to her? I decided I rather didn´t.

(Later I remembered that I should have given it as a present to our friend, who is a fan, too. Wasted opportunity, but there´s still next year.)

I did good

Mar. 9th, 2010 07:25 pm
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I am awesome!

Not to sound unhumble (wow, that´s a word?), but: I got an A on my Accounting exam. (Accounting and Management Control.) Said to be one of the two most difficult exams during the first year. I got an A. And that´s not even counting the extra points I get for participating in that study they did.

Sure, I was way too long online during the last few weeks. (Way too long, really.) Doing stupid things instead of things I´d actually like to do, like reading poetry (-.-), but I also studied. And it paid off!
(How it went: I really did study the whole February like never rarely before and was still very nervous. After the exam I was nervous because it just couldn´t have been that easy, right? But I was optimistic enough to buy the books for AMC II before I got the result. And then I hardly believed my eyes.)

This semester I´m planning to do a lot of exams (Maths, Finance, European Law in May, Economics II, AMC II and another one in June), and I´m already very busy (good thing: I can´t be online that much because I´m busy studying...) but! I will pass and do well! Because when I study I´m smart enough for any exam.

(And I will also write stories! Stories, as in, more than one! Because I am awesome!)

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I like January!

1) I had a singing lesson today! And my teacher said that I´m improving! And we already fixated the next date and I finally get around to singing actual songs (...that is, songs by Robert Schumann? In German we use "song" for pop songs and the actual German word "Lied" for both pop songs and older ones.) I love singing :)
(And maybe I can persuade my brother and mother to sing/play "Jesus Christ Superstar" again. I never saw the musical or the video, even though we have it at home, but the songs are beautiful and great to sing.)
2) I did my Russian test and I think it went very well.
3) I, um, still have my economics exam and I should study a lot and I´m only studying a bit. But! I´m going to pass and get a good mark!
4) Also, I wrote something. Here: Respite, a [ profile] whaleverse snippet, 700 words of extra epilogue. I love "A Clear and Different Light" and I love the whales and I think I did them justice? I´m quite proud of it. No, very. :)
I asked my brother if he wanted to read it, and he said no. But I asked him. I think he only doesn´t want to give up his excuse not to let me read his stories. ^^

Study now.
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Yesterday I had a very long, tiring day. And normally I´d be in a really bad mood at noon at the latest, but yesterday I had the brilliant idea to go online for five minutes before leaving the house it has nothing to do with the fact that I´m an internet addict and the rest of the day I went around thinking "Crocodile saves Ace and starts arguing with Doflamingo" and grinning like mad.
I had another ten minutes of internet at noon and the rest of the day was all "whee random decapitation!" (how much do I love this phrase, soooo much) and. And. The proper response to the awesomeness that was the last chapter can be read here and here. If I started I´d be incoherent.
Pirates save my brain.
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(That´s supposed to be my brother´s birthday cake, or a proxy, since he is in New Zealand. He got a chocolate cake instead. And yes, of course I made this one myself!

Today I went to my first lectures and started to read the (many many and very thick) books and found my lecture hall in the (extremely large) university and I didnt get bored (except of a tiny little bit while waiting) and I got the book I needed from the library (it was the next to last copy) and then I got home and had CAKE and life is great!
Tomorrow I have a lecture at 8:30 which is admittedly not ideal but not too bad, either.
AND I wrote drabbles about university!, about real stuff, I didn´t even have to invent anything. (In German, though.) I think I´ll do a small series.


It´s Linzerschnitte! Best translated as... Linzer slice? You can preserve it one week, easily. And it was great. Is great - we still have some.


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