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I saw Pacific Rim yesterday! Finally. I liked it a lot, though I had a similar problem that I had with Firefly: people were squeeing so much about it that I ended up almost disappointed because it didn't quite live up to my high expectations.

Things I liked, things I disliked, and the stories I want )
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One of my favorite things to do when discovering new fandoms is imagining crossovers. (Especially with spaceships!) Some already exist, that's convenient. Have some Generation Kill crossovers I found and liked, plus two I wish someone would write.

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I wonder who would win if characters from my various fandoms entered a debate tournament...

Eight teams for two semi-finals: Jennifer Keller and Radek Zelenka (SGA), Azula and Mai (A:tla), Sophie Devereaux and Nate Ford (Leverage), Luke Smith and Rani Chandra (SJA), Neal Caffrey and Elizabeth Burke (White Collar), Treize Kushrenada and Dorothy Catalonia (Gundam Wing), Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner (Avengers), Charlotte Lu and Mary Bennet (LBD)
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Who wins? Not sure, but I would bet on Sophie and Nate.
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To distract myself and cheer myself up ($%#§& cramps) here's a fannish tropes meme I saw in several places:

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School / College

Pick one, give me a fandom that you know I know and a character(s)/pairing, and I'll tell you which story I would write for it!

Just looking at the list already gave me some ideas, and because it's unlikely someone will ask for those specifically have some snippets:

SGA, Ronon, telepathy )

SGA, Ronon and Teyla, High School/College )

Leverage, Sophie and Nate, Truth or Dare )

A:tla/Legend of Korra, Toph and Lin, accidental baby acquisition )

Sarah Jane Adventures, Clyde, Rani, and Luke, drunk!fic )
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Recently I watched all of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and I loved it. I haven't managed to write "Why Sarah Jane Smith and her gang are the best and you should watch them" yet, but in the meantime, have a crossover plotbunny that I will not write, no, definitely not:

One day, Clyde Langer appears in Atlantis. He's very surprised, because just one moment ago he was in Sarah Jane's attic, drawing a piece of alien tech, and then he turned it around just so - and suddenly he's in a big room with stained glass windows and the ocean and silver towers outside. The doors are closed, so he sits around for half an hour wishing he had his sketchbook with him and talking to the air, just in case Mr. Smith can hear him and bring him back.

Then a team of Marines find him. Clyde is relieved when he finds out they're humans from Earth, and they're completely baffled because he appears to be a teenager from England who shouldn't be here. They don't believe him, of course, but eventually Carson and Rodney have to admit he seems to be a normal human, and accidents with Ancient tech do happen all the time, even though Clyde doesn't even have the ATA gene. (I guess he could have, but I like that he's ordinary.)

Once they believe him they start wondering why he isn't freaking out more. He says things like "This planet is so much nicer than the last one" and "You shouldn't tell the Joduun that I left Earth because they grounded me - you know, the space police with the rhinoceros heads?" and "Do you have an alien supercomputer, too?" and "Have you met the Doctor? He has a time-and-space machine that looks like a blue police box" and isn't scared when he hears of the Wraith because he claims he saw weirder things. He's also extremely excited about Atlantis and steals Lorne's painting supplies as soon as he can.
Also he claims he saved the Earth a couple of times.

He listens to Rodney's technobabble and says that his best friend is a genius, too. Rodney is skeptical. Clyde mentions Luke is in Oxford, and Rodney is unimpressed and says that just because someone got into Oxford doesn't mean they're a genius. Clyde is offended on behalf of Luke. If Luke ever meets Rodney he'll be mystified why Rodney doesn't like him.

Clyde mentions UNIT to Elizabeth (or Woolsey?), because he thinks the SGC belongs to them. It doesn't, but Elizabeth/Woolsey have high enough clearance to know about UNIT. They are puzzled why a teenager is involved in hunting aliens. Clyde says he's great at hunting aliens, thank you very much, and also it's technically Lord Clyde.

Meanwhile Mister Smith has alerted Sarah Jane and Rani to the problem. He doesn't know where the device sent Clyde, but he knows that the energy signature belongs to a race called the Alterans and that there's a military organization in the US that has studied them for years. Sarah Jane contacts Maria and Luke, tells Mister Smith to hack the SGC and give the data to Luke, and has Mister Smith book Rani and her tickets to [airport near Colorado, idk.]

Maria occasionally catches aliens in the US (do we know which city she's in?) and on one such occasion met Sam. She has Alan find out Sam's number and calls her to ask if she knows anything. Sam doesn't, because the databurst from Atlantis didn't come yet. (Atlantis is low on energy and/or technical problem and they don't dial in immediately.)

Luke sorts through the data from the SGC and becomes more and more excited about the Gate network, and at the same time highly skeptical about the methods the SGC uses. He compares the data Mister Smith collected from the device with SGC research and concludes that Clyde was transported to Atlantis.

Sarah Jane, because she is awesome and has contacts and is not above blackmail, manages to arrange a meeting with General O'Neill on short notice. They try to find out what the other knows and find each other very annoying. Jack gives up and sends her to Landry.

Landry is not amused by this woman who shows up out of the blue with her teenage sidekick and informs him that a teenager was transported to Atlantis and Landry should get him back immediately, and he doesn't like how confident she is. And then the SGC is attacked and she pulls out a lipstick...

I don't know yet what happens next, except that Rani is envious that Clyde went and she didn't, but as a birthday present he draws her a comic book about Atlantis. Sarah Jane sees it, likes it, and has Mister Smith make copies for herself, Luke, and Maria. Sam sees it when she meets with Maria again, makes a copy, and sends it to Atlantis. The Atlanteans are (secretly) flattered. Lorne has a cousin who works with comics and Clyde gets his first job.

It would be so much fun.
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Argh, internet problems. I do need to get out more, go to a few museums and parks while I'm still here, but I wanted to watch the rest of Leverage season 4 first, is that so much to ask? Hmph.

Instead I thought of several ways the Leverage crew and Stargate characters could meet:

1) The one where Parker and Vala steal spaceships. [ profile] holdouttrout already had this idea and wrote Fine Artists, but there can be so much more than that. How did they end up working together, and what do their lives look like? Hardison is a hacker and their friend, Eliot is an ex-soldier for whatever evil government this universe has (Goa'uld or not?) and he knows Parker because she stole something for him that enabled him to quit, in return he protected her on dangerous jobs once or twice. Sam Carter is a mechanic and rebel sympathizer, but does not work with stolen goods, so they need a go-between (Daniel?). Jack and Nate know each other, but don't work together because Jack is a rebel, while Nate refuses to join the rebel alliance (Kinsey screwed him over and he has bad memories) and instead opens up his own spy network/covert operations, using his contacts to get things done. Vala worked for him several times. Teal'c is also a rebel, an ex-comrade of Eliot, but he quit long before Eliot and disapproves of what Eliot did. Daniel is a historian and a rebel who knows Vala, but refuses to say how. Sophie is a spy, thief, and smuggler, a rival of Vala, and occasionally works for both Nate and Jack. Insert plot here!

2) The one where the latest corrupt businessman Nate's team takes on is one of Ba'al's clones. It goes badly, but not before they steal some alien tech, and now Ba'al and the SGC are after them.

3) The one where the Earth blows up, but Sophie stole an ID card/chip/whatever from an important IOA woman and ends up evacuated on the Daedalus on the way to Atlantis. She is discovered, but allowed to stay. On Atlantis, she meets Elizabeth and Teyla, and has to build a new life.

4) The one where Parker doesn't believe Hardison and Eliot that Area 52 is real, or is just curious, and in an ill-advised move Hardison picks out several top-secret installations on a map to prove it. The next weekend Parker sneaks on the Prometheus, and the others have to get her back.

5) The one where Parker is an alien SG-1 met and took with them when her planet exploded. Nobody suspects anything (Hardison does, but nobody believes him), and Parker and Sam regularly meet for coffee. (And Parker slowly figures out that the team is family and Sam is a friend, awww.)

6) The one where they all simultaneously find out that they all know about the Stargate program, but each of them thought they were the only ones. (Hardison: see Wargames Didn't Play Out Like This, or he found secret government files somewhere, Eliot: ran across some aliens running loose on Earth, Parker: broke into a secret research facility, Sophie: ran a con on an IOA member (Woolsey?), Nate: he just knows things.) They find out when they stumble upon a piece of alien tech and nobody is surprised.

7) The one where the Goa'uld take over Earth and they fight back. After a few successful missions they meet what's left of the SGC. Sophie imitating a Goa'uld, Parker sneaking through a ha'tak, Hardison making Independence Day jokes...

I already wrote some of #3, but it's very hard to write from the POV of someone who just lost everyone they cared for, lost their entire planet, and now has to get used to life on a spaceship/space station. I don't think I can do that very well. Maybe I'll just skip most of it and write a few scenes with Sophie and Elizabeth.

Now I'm thinking about #1 – I could just not write a plot and instead a series of snippets, introducing the universe. That could be fun. Also perfect for other crossovers from everywhere else. Firefly, of course - Inara is an old acquaintance of Sophie's, Jayne and Eliot know each other, so do Mal and Nate, Wash only trusts Sam's repairs, Zoe and Teal'c met in a bar; Neal Caffrey is a conman, so is Mozzie, and both of them know Vala and Nate; it would probably be too crazy to have the Claymores as agents of the Evil Empire. (Teresa is Vala's personal nemesis.) Jack Sparrow is a space pirate, and the Emperor is Palpatine. And so on and so on – my brain is crazy.

All bunnies are free for taking, btw.
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Today I had a great story idea (at least it seems that way to me). I don´t have the time to write it now (and knowing me it´s very likely that I never will), but I don´t want to forget it, so here, have some notes:

I don´t have a title yet, but it might have  )


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